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TYPO3: Responsive images in Fluid using TypoScript

30. März 2016, Felix Nagel - English, Webentwicklung, Extbase & Fluid

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Supporting responsive images in TYPO3 CMS is a fairly easy task when using good old css_styled_content and TypoScript for content rendering. Sadly this neat feature is not available in Fluid for usage in Extbase extensions.


This article outlines one possible solution using built-in functionality.



TYPO3: Responsive images in Fluid using TypoScript

TYPO3: t3extblog - Sponsored feature release

04. Februar 2016, Felix Nagel - English, TYPO3

© Paul van Hemmen

Ignoring the fact that we had a major and a bugfix release in the last couple of weeks, I'm happy to announce another version of my TYPO3 CMS blogging extension t3extblog!


Thanks to the generous people at elementare teilchen, an agency for communication design and TYPO3 development based in Munich, it was possible to develop a new major feature: subscribe to new blog posts!


TYPO3: t3extblog - Sponsored feature release

Selectmenu widget included in jQuery UI 1.11 beta1

27. April 2014, Felix Nagel - English, Webentwicklung, jQuery, UI


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The first beta release for jQuery UI 1.11 was released a few days ago and contains numerous bug fixes, improved environment support (AMD and Bower) and the new Selectmenu Widget I've worked on for quite some time. I'm very excited about this important step and we're looking forward to gathering some more feedback before its final release.


More information (including download and demo) can be found at the jQuery UI Blog.


Updates on jQuery UI Selectmenu

18. Oktober 2012, Felix Nagel - jQuery, UI, English


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There are some great new regarding the jQuery UI Selectmenu widget!


It's official: the new, built from scratch version of Selectmenu is planned to be released with jQuery UI 1.10 (hopefully January 2013).


Offical jQuery UI Selectmenu



Besides, I've released a new version of my jQuery UI selectmenu fork. This release includes mainly bugfixes, a few minor feature requests and is compatible with jQuery 1.8 (now using jQuery 1.8.2 / UI 1.8.24) . See here for full list of all solved issues. 


Thanks to all contributors for making this possible!



 jQuery UI Selectemenu fork



Please consider an donation to support my work on this effort.

TYPO3 formidable with jQuery Datepicker

22. Oktober 2011, Felix Nagel - TYPO3, jQuery, English

logo-typo3 01

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The TYPO3 extension Seminars uses Formidable for rendering forms and some Java-Script wigdets. We're using jQuery for all our JS based scripting and jQuery UI for a few User Interface related purposes. To achieve a consistent look for all JS UIs we wanted to change the pretty unusable and unsexy looking default DHTML Calendar of formidable with the jQuery UI one. 

As the default jQuery UI Datepicker does not support time selection I've added the jQuery Timepicker Addon.


To change the hardcoded formidable rendering I've implemented an own renderlet based upon the example renderlet extension by Jerome Schneider.


I released my resulting extension to the TER as I was asked so in the Mailinglist. Please give feedback or ask a question via email or (better) as a comment down below.





Formidable DATE Renderlet with jQuery support