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Ignoring the fact that we had a major and a bugfix release in the last couple of weeks, I'm happy to announce another version of my TYPO3 CMS blogging extension t3extblog!


Thanks to the generous people at elementare teilchen, an agency for communication design and TYPO3 development based in Munich, it was possible to develop a new major feature: subscribe to new blog posts!


TYPO3: t3extblog - Sponsored feature release

Schreenshot der TYPO3 version chart Java-Script Applikation von Felix Nagel
Schreenshot der TYPO3 version chart Java-Script Applikation von Felix Nagel

A TYPO3 version visualization.

It's powered by jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Isotope. The used json data is provided by the TYPO3 server team and queried via YQL. Thanks for providing such great tools and services!

Please report bugs via GitHub's Bugtracker (Issues) or make a patch and send a pull request. Please feel free to add feature requests for adding additional information regarding specific TYPO3 versions or branches!

Grab the source at GitHub or download the latest zip. It's Open Source - inspiring people to share!



TYPO3 Version Chart



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The TYPO3 extension Seminars uses Formidable for rendering forms and some Java-Script wigdets. We're using jQuery for all our JS based scripting and jQuery UI for a few User Interface related purposes. To achieve a consistent look for all JS UIs we wanted to change the pretty unusable and unsexy looking default DHTML Calendar of formidable with the jQuery UI one. 

As the default jQuery UI Datepicker does not support time selection I've added the jQuery Timepicker Addon.


To change the hardcoded formidable rendering I've implemented an own renderlet based upon the example renderlet extension by Jerome Schneider.


I released my resulting extension to the TER as I was asked so in the Mailinglist. Please give feedback or ask a question via email or (better) as a comment down below.





Formidable DATE Renderlet with jQuery support