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I'm happy to announce a ARIA Lightbox (my W3CWCAG and ARIA conform jQuery Lightbox script) plug-in for Microsoft Express Web 4 provided by Dennis DeRobertis.



The framework add-in is free of charge so please spread the message!


The Expression Extras Lightbox Framework is an Expression Web 4 add-in for creating lightbox widgets. This lightbox is based on the jQuery javascript library and the WAI WCAG 2.0/WAI ARIA ariaLightbox widget. [...]


What the Add-In Does

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  • Implements fully-functional, very fast lightbox widgets based on the jQuery javascript library and ariaLightbox widget.
  • Provides single and gallery style lightbox widgets.
  • Includes options not found in other lightbox widgets.
  • Includes the ability to save a default set of lightbox settings per site.
  • Offers ability to change and preview lightbox properties only.
  • Comes with 12 jQuery themes.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Expression Web 4.
  • Supports multiple lightboxes per page.




Expression Web 4 Lightbox Add-In

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