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There are some great new regarding the jQuery UI Selectmenu widget!


It's official: the new, built from scratch version of Selectmenu is planned to be released with jQuery UI 1.10 (hopefully January 2013).


Offical jQuery UI Selectmenu



Besides, I've released a new version of my jQuery UI selectmenu fork. This release includes mainly bugfixes, a few minor feature requests and is compatible with jQuery 1.8 (now using jQuery 1.8.2 / UI 1.8.24) . See here for full list of all solved issues. 


Thanks to all contributors for making this possible!



 jQuery UI Selectemenu fork



Please consider an donation to support my work on this effort.

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Agree, but...

...it's pretty hard to create a usable and accessible selectmenu widget with multiple support. Even the usability of the native one is not that nice :-/

I agree with your comment on this page:




I think the selectmenu looks MUCH nicer than the planned multiselect widget. The fact that the selectmenu can take up so much less space than the multiselect widget is of major importance to me. Imagine trying to fit a multiselect widget in a table row.


Thanks for your work on selectmenu.