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Over a year has passed since I took over the development of Filament Groups Selectmenu plugin for jQuery UI. Since then we made huge changes to the original code base. 130 issues and about 20 pull request have been closed. A couple of new features have been added, too.


A few month ago Jörn from jQuery UI contacted me and asked if I would be able to help pulling my Selectmenu branch to the official jQuery UI repo. I agreed but we decide to build a new version from scratch as the old one has a pretty unclean code base and would need some refactoring anyway.


Based upon jQuery UI Menu and jQuery UI Button the new Selectmenu widget will seamlessly integrate in a few new widget coming soon.


Get the sourcecode at GitHub and make sure to check the Wiki for ToDos and specification:


Selectmenu Branch @ GitHub


Selectmenu @ jQuery UI Wiki



jQuery UI Selectmenu reloaded