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A new version of my blogging extension t3extblog has been released. It's a maintenance release and comes with some small features and minor bugfixes.


Worth mentioning is that the extension now uses a proper PHP namespace and is finally available on Packagist! Support for PHP 5.6 and TYPO3 7.x has been removed in order to decrease testing efforts and improve stability.


This release includes some breaking changes so make sure to check out the upgrade guide in the documentation for more details.


A brief overview:

  • TYPO3 7.x and PHP 5.6 support has been removed
  • New PHP namespace
  • Now available on Packagist
  • Fixed all "TCA Migrations" warnings in install tool
  • Use default 404 handler for hidden or deleted records
  • Lots of minor improvements and bugfixes



Download from TER or GitHub:




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Das kann ich noch nicht genau sagen. Ich hoffe zwischen den Jahren etwas Zeit zu finden und peile ansonsten das erste Quartal 2019 an. Jede Hilfe wäre sehr willkommen.


Weitere Infos gibt es hier: github.com/fnagel/t3extblog/issues/185

t3extblog für Typo 9.5.x

Ab wann ist t3extblog für Typo3 9.5.x (aktuell 9.5.2) verfügbar?